Philips and O’Neill both share a long and successful tradition of enhancing the lives of people on the move through the introduction of innovative and meaningful products. That shared and long-held belief in pursuing durability, quality and innovation has paved the way for the two brands to unite, bound by a common goal: to create high performance headphones, specially designed and built to withstand the physical demands that accompany every active lifestyle.

Who better to test the durability of the toughest headphones out there, than a hand-picked group of the toughest and most aggressive athletes in surf and snow. From big mountain pioneer Jeremy Jones to storm cycle chaser Mark Matthews, the riders wasted no time in putting the headphones to the test in the context of their own unique and demanding lifestyles, discovering for themselves if they really are as tough and durable as claimed. Tested on Animals - and approved.

What happens if I lose a piece of the headphone?

Philips O'Neill has a spare parts program to replace cables and eartips for free if they go missing. you should contact Philips Consumer Care (contact information is at http://www.support.philips.com) to arrange having the spare part provided.

Are Philips O'Neill products waterproof?

The products will withstand some exposure to intermittent water (i/e light rain) but they are not waterproof.

Does Philips O'Neill have any noise cancelling products?

Philips O'Neill headphones are extremely isolating but are not active noise cancelling. For active noise cancelling, you need a separate power source (battery) and mic that actively picks up ambient noise and creates an opposite sound to block that noise. In addition to being heavy (have to carry batteries), the process of active noise cancelling can also distort a bit the authenticity of the sound output. Philips O'Neill headphones focus on creating a natural seal to isolate your music so that you hear it clearly and so that others don't hear what you are listening to.

Is it safe to wear headphones when doing extreme sports?
Can I surf or snowboard with my Philips O’Neill headphones?

Consumers should use their own discretion based on what they want to do and their environment. Philips O'Neill headphones are made to be extremely tough to withstand significantly more drops, bumps and crashes than other headphones. Many consumers use the headphones while snowboarding and doing many extreme sports. Right now, Philips O'Neill headphones are not waterproof so use while in the water is not recommended. Also, Philips O'Neill headphones are made to be sound isolating so if you are in an environment where you need to hear a lot of outside noise, you should be aware of this product benefit.

Will my Philips O’Neill headphones still work under extreme temperatures?

Yes. Philips O'Neill products are tested under colder (to -25 degrees Celsius) and hotter temperatures (to 50 degrees Celsius) than most other headphones to ensure that they work in those conditions.

How long is the standard warrantee on Philips O'Neill headphones?
And what happens if I actually break them?

Standard warrantee is 1 year from date of purchase. Philips O'Neill headphones are tougher than other headphones on the market and in the very rare case that there is an issue, you should contact Philips Consumer Care (contact information is at www.support.philips.com)

What tests do you go through to ensure your headphones are durable?

Our headphones are given to our Philips O'Neill animals - the Riders - to use. They put the products through their active lifestyle to provide feedback. Additionally, in the lab, rigorous product testing takes place to ensure that Philips O'Neill headphones are best in class. Among the standard tests that are done is to count the bending cycles of the cable before it breaks, tracking the amount of pulling force on the product before it breaks, drop tests to measure how high the product can fall from before it breaks, headband flexibility tests, compression tests to measure how much weight the product can endure, among others.

Do you make other durable products?

Right now Philips O'Neill only makes headphones and headsets. There are other product categories that we believe need more durable solutions so stay tuned to see what we may come with next.

Do you really test your headphones on animals?

Yes - Philips O'Neill animals which are world class Riders in snowboarding and surfing. For example, we recently had Seb Toots (qualification) take out The Bend headphone to do a number of tricks with the product to see if it could hold up. See the results at .

The Tread: Can I use my Tread In ear headphones with my iphone?

Yes. The Tread works with any device that has a 3.5mm headphone connection including almost all mobile phones, most computers and iPhones, iPods and iPads. Simply connect the headphones to the headphone jack and listen to your music or video. It is that simple.

The Bend: What happens if I lose a piece of the headphone?

Philips O'Neill has a spare parts program to replace cables and eartips for free if they go missing. you should contact Philips Consumer Care (contact information is at www.support.philips.com) to arrange having the spare part provided.

The Stretch:Will my headphones snap back into shape if I stretch them?

Yes. The headband is made of a nylon plastic named TR55. What makes it so special is that it is extremely flexible and it has excellent memory so that even when you stretch and flex it, it goes back to its original position.